New Life

Hey, mama.

Let's talk about pregnancy and birth. Growing and birthing your baby will be the most transformative moments of your life. There is nothing more momentous than first time you hear that cry, look into those eyes, and hold that tiny human that you have worked so hard for! These little blips in time are so raw, real, and perfect.

As a mother of two, I know exactly how sacred the birth space is. I know the emotions, the pain, and the beauty very well. When you to allow me into your birth space, please know that you are choosing someone who will respectfully capture every intimacy and emotion of your birth experience.

Whether it is maternity, birth, fresh 48's or lifestyle newborns, this type of documentation is truly irreplaceable and the images will become something you treasure for a lifetime. Let me be the one to capture them for you.

- PJ

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